Your business must be protected against modern threats to both the infrastructure and the personnel working in the building. Our team at Mijac Alarm has significant experience in the business security marketplace, and in this latest post, we will explain why your business requires a security service.

Alarms for sensitive building areas

One of the most important elements of modern security is protecting specific areas within the company against modern threats. Areas containing cash and high-value equipment must be strictly monitored to ensure that any threat is detected immediately. Only by working with a trusted business security service can this high level of protection be achieved.

Remote security options

Business owners do not often have time to visit the building on a daily basis to check-in with staff and determine the current status of their building security. And that is why many are now turning to a specialized business security service. A specialized remote monitoring service can ensure that the business owner always has instant access to video footage from inside the building. This footage can help to provide information on crimes taking place within the building, but can also be used to immediately alert the business owner to an ongoing event. It allows for an immediate response to mitigate the impact on the building and those inside.

Notifications on entries

As part of their business security service, owners can be informed when personnel enter and leave their buildings, giving them complete control over the working processes of their team. This information can be crucial when determining how teams are managing their time on-shift and can give business owners the information they need to optimize schedules.

Fire alarm monitoring

When fires occur in a business office, it can often be several minutes before someone notices the problem, simply due to the size of the property. A full business security service can include firm alarm monitoring to ensure that firefighters are immediately alerted to a fire event at the site.

The trusted team here at Mijac Alarm can provide you with the ideal business security service for your company. To learn more about our firm and our service options, call us today.

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