MGM Grand fireIf you’re like most people who gamble in Las Vegas, you expect to put your money at risk. What you don’t expect is that your very life will be in danger as well. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened during the infamous MGM Grand fire, which occurred on November 21st, 1980.

According to reports by the Clark County Fire Department, the fire was caused by an electrical ground fault, and ultimately led to more than 700 injuries and 85 deaths. An investigation later determined that the fire was able to spread because the MGM only had fire sprinklers installed in the arcade, showrooms, and convention areas, meaning there was zero fire sprinkler coverage in the high-rise hotel, casino floor, and restaurant areas.

Worst of all, the decision not to install fire sprinkler systems was made by MGM chairman Fred Benninger and supported by Clark County Building Department (to the protest of the local fire marshal). The fire sprinkler system would have cost $192,000 to install, in a building that ultimately cost $106 million to build. Consider that the next time a Vegas casino encourages you to “gamble”.

Importance of fire subcontractorsMGM Grand fire

Today, gross neglect of fire safety in public buildings is nearly impossible, thanks at least in part to the tragedy of the MGM Grand fire. Fire contractors, such as Mijac Alarm, literally determine when a building is fit for occupancy. It is the fire subcontractor’s responsibility to determine what type of fire system is necessary and what the legal maximum occupancy will be. Ultimately, the fire subcontractor is responsible for getting the building’s doors open for business.

Why choose Mijac as a subcontractor

With more than 43 years of experience in the local community, Mijac Alarm has developed strong relationships with municipal and county governments, as well as all of the local fire authorities. We understand the process of getting a building up to code, and can help streamline process of any project we are working on. Mijac Alarm can also provide Sprinkler Water Flow and Fire Safety smoke alarm system plans to the local authorities on your behalf, which means you have one fewer responsibility (and subcontractor) to coordinate with!

In addition, our decades of experience providing fire safety subcontracting means we are prepared for whatever situation comes our way. We have seen it all, and know the most efficient, and safe, ways to get jobs done.

Bringing it all together

One of the biggest advantages of having Mijac Alarm as your fire contractor is that we know our fire systems backwards and forwards. Your fire monitoring will be hassle-free because the same people who installed the system will provide your fire monitoring service! Our experience and relationships in the local community allow us to interface with other contractors and city officials on your behalf, which is a responsibility typically reserved for general contractors.

At Mijac Alarm, our first priority is the safety of our customers and our community. We would never allow an oversight like the one that caused the MGM fire to be approved. As far as we are concerned, the safety of our customers isn’t something to gamble on!

For more information about using Mijac Alarm as a fire system subcontractor, or for general information about Mijac Alarm’s burglar and fire systems and services, please call us during regular business hours at (909)982-7612 or visit our main website by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Clark County Fire Department

Written and edited by: Ian Eckstein and Steve Sopkin

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