Our team at Mijac Alarm is dedicated to providing the best residential and business security systems with superior technology, and complies with the standards set by the FCC and the Federal Government. For this reason, we have recently begun our transition for all communications devices connected to our UL Central Station from 3G/4G cellular compatible alarm systems to the LTE platform. Below we have provided all the information that you need to know regarding the new changes to your security systems.

Key Information Regarding the Transition from 3G Sunset to LTE Service

  • How do our alarm systems work?

Many monitored alarm systems operate by connecting to a nearby cellular tower, which allows dispatch operators to be notified of an emergency within your home or business. Our residential and business security systems rely on the capabilities of radio towers to provide a service that you can trust. By searching for a “home automation company near me,” you will be met with a variety of security companies, which use the same cellular towers to communicate in the event of an emergency.

  • Why are we switching to LTE?

The Federal Government is responsible for setting the standards for the speed and bandwidth of communication of security systems across the United States. Recently, the decision was made to increase communicative capabilities for the entire country and ultimately security systems by replacing all cellular radios to increase performance and ensure better security. Within approximately one year, our technicians at Mijac Alarm must replace almost 2,000 radios to comply with these new regulations.

  • How will your service change?

It is important for our customers to take immediate action to avoid being affected by a 3G Sunset network failure once all cellular towers have been replaced with the faster LTE platform. Whether you have installed a burglar alarm or a smoke detector, effective communication is the key to keeping your property and its’ occupants safe. Once you have had your communicator upgraded by one of our technicians, your alarm system will function at a higher speed and bandwidth, which will ensure a reliable alarm monitoring service. Our customers will not experience any changes in our monthly service fees.

For any other questions regarding the nationwide transition to LTE cellular towers, search for the 3G Sunset network online or contact us today.

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