Why is Upgrading Your Security Systems Important?

Whether you own a large business or a mom-and-pop shop, or simply want to improve security on your residential property, there are a host of benefits to upgrading your security systems. As one of today’s leading security systems companies, the team from Mijac Alarm has helped many secure their properties and provided them with an added layer of protection.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment to upgrade your security system, we’ve collected some of the most beneficial reasons below.

1. Smart Camera Integration

One of the most innovative technologies today is smart cameras, which provide you with a comprehensive video surveillance system in addition to an alarm system for added security. One of the biggest benefits of having a video surveillance system at home or at your business is that it can capture valuable evidence should a crime ever occur that helps police catch the suspect and prosecutors ensure they see their day in court.

2. Remote Access

Another advantage of upgrading to the latest security systems is that you’ll be provided with remote access, meaning you can monitor your property from anywhere as long as you have a wireless device. You’ll be able to arm your security system on your device, as well as control your thermostat, lights, and other fixtures as well.

3. Increased Efficiency

By upgrading your security alarm systems you’ll be able to boost the efficiency of your home and business. This is because, in addition to the added control over lighting and other things in the home, you’ll be able to see areas where you can cut back. Many of today’s leading smart security systems will also provide you with regular reports.

4. Access Control

If you want great access over who can gain entrance to your property, upgrading your security system is certainly a great way to do this. Having keyless entry codes can make it safer for those who enter and leave your property. This is because, since they won’t have a key, there’s less of a chance of losing it along the way or having it fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, you’ll be able to have a log of anyone who comes and goes. This can help you keep an eye on family members or employees and provide a log for any security personnel should they need it.  

5. Added Convenience

In addition to making your property safer, upgrading your security system will also make things more convenient for you. Whether it’s a home or place of business, newer security systems can make it much easier to come and go. As mentioned above, with access control solutions, you don’t even require keys. Also, with added oversight, you can do everything from letting employees in to open your business remotely or allowing the delivery man in to drop a package off at the front door.

6. Deters Criminal Activity

One of the greatest benefits of upgrading your security system or investing in a new one is that it can provide you with a visible deterrent. Often, criminals that see a property outfitted with an alarm or surveillance system will go elsewhere for easier targets. This means that by simply having a security presence on your property you can minimize issues, regardless of how complex your security system is.

7. 24-Hour Protection

A reliable security system works around the clock, 24-hours-a-day, and seven-days-a-week, keeping your property safe at all times. Many security systems will contact first responders immediately when there’s an issue, helping ensure you and your family, or staff members are safe at all times. Additionally, security systems can be designed to detect more than simple break-ins, they can also detect fire, carbon monoxide levels, and more.

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For those who want to improve the safety of their property, Mijac Alarm can help. We offer some of today’s most innovative security systems available both for commercial and residential clients. Our company was founded by a former law enforcement officer and is built on trust, among our employees, as well as our clients.

Over the past few years, we’ve been recognized by the security industry’s biggest national publication as one of the nation’s top 100 security companies. To learn more about our services or receive a quote on security systems installation costs, contact us online today or call (909) 982-7612.

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