If you run a business, you’re directly responsible for your staff and the premises, so health and safety are likely at the forefront of your mind. Whether it be in the office, on the factory floor or in the boardroom, the fire alarm system is arguably one of your most important safety components. Since you only really know they’re functioning properly when they’re needed, investing in an alarm systems service and maintenance company like Mijac Alarm is key.

Here are a few other reasons why security and alarm systems service and maintenance is essential.

  1. Remain in Compliance

Since 2006 (when the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order was introduced) it has been mandatory that all fire alarms on business and public premises are regularly serviced. This maintenance is crucial so that you are not putting staff, visitors or the public at risk. Remaining in compliance will also ensure your business doesn’t incur hefty fines or legal complaints.

  1. Increased Safety

Many fire alarm systems are elaborate, containing much more than a few smoke detectors. This is even more true for larger businesses and industrial companies. When you hire a reliable alarm systems service and maintenance company, you can rest assured that every component will be tested, everything from emergency lighting to fire extinguishers.

  1. Professional Expertise

A professional alarm systems service and maintenance company will be aware of all the necessary codes and legal requirements for maintaining your commercial fire alarm system. You can be confident your system will conform to all regulations (known as BS 5839). This is something that’s especially important for insurance purposes, should your facility ever suffer a fire.

Call us for alarm systems service and maintenance today!

Every commercial fire alarm system requires regular service and maintenance, which is especially important as it involves people’s safety. To ensure the work is done right, contact the professionals from Mijac Alarm today. We also specialize in residential security solutions, as well as home monitoring.

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