Mijac Alarm wants you and your little ones safe year round

It’s that time of year. Days are getting shorter, Halloween is on the horizon, and children are in parks, playgrounds and outdoor recreation centers for sports and activities. As a family, living in Southern California we always found it better to visit the different theme parks during this time of year rather than fight the crowds at the larger parks such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and the like during the summer.

When our children were young enough to appreciate theme parks but too small to understand how to navigate a crowd, we dressed all 3 children in the same brightly colored shirts to make them easily identifiable in a crowd. If our family was separated for any reason, I would whistle loudly using my fingers pressed against my tongue to get the entire family’s attention.

But how do we protect our children? To assist our young cohorts in the day’s fun we purchased small, loud whistles to wear around their tiny necks and practiced how to blow them to get our attention if we were separated in the crowd. Fortunately for us, our youngest only used the whistle once in the bathroom stall when she needed some help with the toilet seat!

Fall brings winter, of course, and it’s always a good idea to prepare yourself and your family for potential emergencies that may arise while on the roads and for nasty weather that Old Man Winter sometimes brings.

A little planning can keep you safe and more comfortable as you head over the hills and dales for apple picking or Grandma’s house. Consider packing your car with essentials that may come in handy if something goes awry or you end up being a little longer than you thought in the car with your fidgety toddler or other anxious children. It’s easy to assemble an emergency road kit, or, you can purchase affordable sets from discount retailers, big box stores or warehouse clubs.

The essentials

First, make sure your cell phone is charged before you hit the streets or consider a rapid, wireless charger just in case. Other items to include in your emergency road ensemble: first-aid kit; jumper cables; reflective road warning triangles; fire extinguisher; tire gauge; foam tire sealant; flashlights and extra batteries; blanket, gloves and rags; duct tape; cat litter; tow rope; windshield ice scraper; and rain poncho.

Coloring books, charged tablets and handheld games also go a long way if you are waiting for roadside assistance. Don’t forget water and some food—protein bars, fruit snacks, crackers and even the all-important candy bar or sugary snack to bribe the kids into some quiet activities! Mijac Alarm considers our customers part of our family.

We want you to be safe and secure so if you do like we did and hit the theme parks this Fall season be sure you’re not whistling Dixie.

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