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I thought I would step out of the box and share a recent experience that will be engraved in history. This past December, my daughter Beth and I traveled to Cuba on a University trip with her college professor along with 4 other Americans to study Mid-Century Architecture, enjoy the International Jazz Festival now in its 30th year and travel among the beautiful people of Cuba. While in a small town a couple of hundred miles from Havana, President Obama lifted the 50 year+ embargo against Cuba encapsulating our little troupe as Cuba became the center of the world’s news on December 17th, 2014. We hope you enjoy my personal account of our travels.
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An amazing array of color, creativity, and complexity overwhelm your visual senses as you enter this cacophony of one man’s adult dreamy wanderings. Completely covered in tile, every square inch of what was once a simple house has been transformed into a tourist treat.
floor art StairsSimilar to the Watts Towers in Los Angeles, this tile house has brought income to the neighborhood as more and more have followed his lead. When I say every square inch, I mean each nook and cranny have a different theme. The patron saint of Cuba covers one wall, poem another. A tile bar, tile staircases and of course a Picasso-esque pool bottom on the middle of the mushroom But what takes center stage is the height of the house.

Walking up the different staircases to the rooftop patio on the 4th floor give you access to view the entire neighborhood. I ask Beth to venture to the other side of the yard for a picture under the blue mushroom on the stairs to the right of the Cuban flag. Can you find her? I couldn’t either…
pool The resourcefulness of the Cubans continually abounds at each turn. Whether it’s art on your own home, repairing a car in the middle of the street or combining beautiful Cuban, African and Spanish music all into one.tourist

My take-away? I promise myself to build an outside bar in our new Palm Springs home with tiles that are similar to the bottom picture but my twist is painting drink recipes on them instead.

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