Back in 1979, Roger Moore starred as 007 in the classic Bond movie, Moonraker. This also happened to be the first time a “smart watch” was worn by James Bond – or anyone else for that matter – in a movie. The watch itself was the Seiko Memory Bank Calendar, and while it would be considered rather unimpressive by today’s standards, in the late 1970s the ability to have a calendar on your arm was something that was seemingly suited for secret agents and few others.Apple Watch

Now, 36 years later, smart watches are finally starting to come into the mainstream, led in no small part by the announcement earlier this year of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is probably the closest most of us will ever come to feeling like James Bond, and the somewhat-controversial device has been receiving a lot of hype since it was announced. Now that it is finally in the hands of early adopters, the real question is whether or not it was worthy of all that hype.

Of course, at Mijac Alarm our focus is always on security. That standard still applies when it comes to consumer electronics like the Apple Watch. While the new device will certainly be an effective fitness tracking tool for some (and an expensive shiny toy for others), the primary question we have is whether or not the Apple Watch will make you safer.

How the Apple Watch could potentially be used to improve home security

The fact of the matter is it’s still too early to really know what the Apple Watch will be capable of. Although developers have had a few months to work with the device, it will probably be at least a couple years before the actual uses of the smart watch are fully known. For the time being, we can make educated assumptions based on the first generation device, and the early third-party applications.

Access your surveillance camera footage right from your wrist
Mijac Alarm partner Exacq Mobile already offers a robust mobile app for both iPhones and Android devices. The Exacq Mobile app allows users to see the surveillance cameras at their home (or business) right from their mobile device, from anywhere in the world that they have a 3G or better Internet connection. Now that the Apple Watch has been released, we expect Exacq Mobile to come out with an expansion to their mobile app that allows users to see at least one camera view right from their device at some point in the future.

Arm and disarm your home security system right from your wrist
The hardware manufacturers for alarm systems, including Mijac Alarm partner Honeywell, have expressed great interest in using mobile devices as a way to arm and disarm security systems, as well as check to see the current arm status when away from home. In fact, Honeywell has already released an app for Lyric, their home automation series (which includes a smart thermostat and a security panel). Both of those devices can now be synced to the Apple Watch.

Downsides of the Apple Watch

It’s not all good news for the Apple Watch. Battery life, while better than some analysts were expecting, is still dangerously low for users who are on their Apple Watch frequently throughout the day. If you depend on the Apple Watch for security-related features, a dead battery could pose a particularly serious problem.

The other issue is the cost. While the Apple Watch technically starts at $350 (a significant amount in and of itself), most buyers are spending two and even three times that amount, and that’s without even getting into the $10,000 starting price of the Apple Watch Edition.

Ultimately, while the Apple Watch is certainly an interesting device, and can be used to enhance the security of your home or business, it is far from a cost-effective way to do so, and will likely remain that way for at least the next two or three years.

Of course, if you just want to feel like James Bond by talking to your watch, it might be worth putting the Apple Watch on your holiday wish list.

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