Between monitored, non-monitored, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, it is difficult to narrow down the best alarm systems services to implement in your home. Residential properties are at risk of a variety of safety hazards including forced entry, kitchen fires, gas leaks, and much more.

Our goal at Mijac Alarm is to help you protect your home against these safety threats by recommending the best alarm systems. Continue reading to learn which alarm systems are considered essential for the average residential property.

How to Determine the Most Effective Alarm Systems Services for Your Home

Consider your budget – In a perfect world, all homeowners would be able to afford a complex, monitored security system. However, most of us must consider our budget before investing in an expensive alarm systems service. Non-monitored alarm systems can be sufficient in notifying building occupants when a problem occurs, however the individuals on the premises are then responsible for safely exiting the building and contacting an emergency responder when necessary.

Alarm monitoring services come at a higher price than their non-monitored counterpart, however, they can automatically contact the appropriate authorities when a fire, break-in, or other emergency occurs. This is especially useful for those with small children who may not know who to call in the event of an emergency.

Unidentifiable safety hazards – While the smell of smoke or the sound of a burglar entering your home may be obvious enough to address as soon as it happens, not all threats are easy to identify. Carbon monoxide poses a serious problem as it is virtually undetectable by those affected, yet this gas can be life-threatening if left without resolution. For this reason, we always recommend investing in a carbon monoxide detector.

Fire monitoring – Homeowners in California have several different options for smoke and fire-detecting alarm systems. The first sign of a fire can be detected by light scattering, ionization, or temperature changes; and with modern technology, homeowners can receive notifications through their mobile devices if an alarm goes off. At Mijac Alarm, we are happy to discuss the range of fire alarm options and help you find one that fits your budget along with your property’s specific needs.

Our top-rated alarm systems services have been protecting California residents for over 45 years. Furthermore, our dependable staff has access to some of the best security equipment on the market. Contact us today to learn more!

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