According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than 21 million college students enrolled across the United States for Fall 2014. While this number seems daunting, chances are there are only one or two college students you are genuinely concerned about on a daily basis: your own.

When your children leave home to go away to college, it is natural for you to worry about their well-being. However, there are some actions you can take to make your children as safe as possible. We discussed some of those actions in our article earlier this month. In addition to those actions, Mijac Alarm also strongly recommends the use of the MyForce personal security system.

We discussed MyForce and our partnership with this up-and-coming company a few months ago. However, given the fact that many college students are just starting their fall semesters, we think now is the perfect time to remind our customers about the benefits of MyForce, as well as how your student can use it to stay safe on campus.

MyForce for college students

MyForce is a mobile application that works with every major smartphone operating system (Apple’s iOS, Android, and BlackBerry). Once your student has installed the application and registered for an account, assistance is just a tap away. When the MyForce application is activated, local law enforcement will be provided your child’s GPS coordinates and a live audio feed from the microphone of their device. If your child is in real or perceived danger, MyForce gives them the ability to get help from wherever they are.

MyForce is even more effective on the college campuses themselves. MyForce is partnering with an increasing number of universities across the country in an effort to make students safer. This means that students with MyForce can connect directly with campus police, ensuring the fastest response times if a security issue were to arise.

Special MyForce deal for Mijac Alarm customers

With college tuitions rising almost every semester, we understand that every expense must be carefully considered. While we believe that the safety and peace of mind that MyForce provides both you and your child is worth the regular price, we want to make sure that all of our customers have access to this incredible technology. As a result, we have negotiated a special pricing deal with MyForce that gives Mijac Alarm customers $20 off an annual subscription to the MyForce service. This means that your child can have the protection of MyForce for less than $11 per month; less then they’ll be spending on coffee.

Just because your child is no longer under the safety and protection of your home Mijac Alarm system, doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute to their safety. If you want to learn more about the MyForce security system, visit their information page by clicking here.

For more information about MyForce, general security questions for your student, or for information about a Mijac Alarm burglar system, call us during regular business hours at (909)982-7612, or visit our main website by clicking here.

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