With so many burglar alarm companies out there it can be difficult to choose the best one.If you own a jewelry store, preventing crime is one of the key ways that you can reduce losses. Our team at Mijac Alarm outlines how trusting the right burglar alarm company can keep your business safe and prevent both theft and burglary.

Preventing Theft

Theft refers to stealing from your shop during business hours without the use of force or fear. As a jewelry store owner, you can prevent this type of crime by ensuring that you are always prepared with a pen, pad, and calculator in case of a theft. You should also make it a habit to only show one item at a time and serve only one customer at a time. Ultimately, preventing this kind of theft is very much down to your awareness. Proper surveillance and cameras can help you pick up on smaller details that you miss.

Preventing Burglary

As opposed to theft, a burglary takes place during closing hours. Within this category there are two subcategories:

  • Smash and grab burglary
  • Safe burglary

In order to prevent smash and grabs, make sure that merchandise is kept in a safe or vaulted when you are closed to business. For those without a safe or vault room, try and keep low priced items out of sight. Never cover showcases, as it will give people the impression that there is something worth stealing from them. And of course, ensure that your alarm security system is activated and working.

When it comes to safe burglary, you are dealing with more sophisticated criminals. They will attempt to disable alarm systems and break into your vaults and safes. To prevent this from happening, make sure your alarms are always well maintained and up-to-date. Other tips include:

  • Confirm line security
  • Respond to all alarms
  • Invest in guard response services if possible

Running a jewelry store can be stressful, which is why investing in burglar alarm companies is so crucial. At Mijac Alarm, our team can help you ensure that your alarm systems are ready for any potential burglars. For more information, contact us at 909-982-7612 today.

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