In 2012, there were 39 criminal offenses reported at Cal State San Bernardino. Of those, 3 involved aggravated assault and 4 involved forcible sex offenses. Unfortunately, criminals are sometimes able to take advantage of students who have relatively little experience outside the protection of their parent’s home. Universities like Cal State San Bernardino try to counter this problem with campus police and security stations throughout campus, but sometimes these measures simply are not enough.

Last week, we announced our exciting new partnership with MyForce, which is one of the leading mobile security companies in the United States. The MyForce mobile app provides users with assistance when they need it most with one quick tap. After opening the MyForce app, all you have to do is tap the large “Alert” button and your GPS location and real-time audio will be sent to the central station, where it can then quickly be given to law enforcement officials.

At Mijac Alarm, we are proud of our residential and commercial burglar, fire, and security camera services. Mijac Alarm has over 40 years of history protecting homes and businesses in the Inland Empire and throughout Southern California. However, we know we cannot always be with you when you are going about your day. This is why we found it imperative to partner with a company that can protect you when you are away from your Mijac Alarm system.

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While the most obvious use of the MyForce app is as protection from an imminent attacker, there are actually numerous other situations where the MyForce app could literally save your or someone else’s life. The following are just a few examples:


Senior Citizens

We all remember the old commercials for the “Life Alert” system. Now, instead of asking grandma and grandpa to wear a device on their neck, all they have to do is open the app and click the “alert” button if there is an emergency. The MyForce app is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, so even the least tech-savvy among us should have no problem using it when it matters most.


Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies don’t just happen to the elderly. You never know when you or someone else will have a sudden medical problem that requires immediate attention. Tapping the MyForce alert button can get help to you much faster than dialing 911 from your smartphone. With a smartphone, your 911 call is first directed to the highway patrol before being transferred to the local police department. Then, you must describe the nature of the problem and your location. The MyForce app, in comparison, can be quickly tapped and you can immediately state the nature of the emergency. When seconds can be the difference between life and death, MyForce can make all the difference in the world.


Making College Parking Lots Safer

In addition to the crime statistics listed earlier, there were also 12 reported motor vehicle thefts at Cal State San Bernardino in 2012. While getting a car broken into or stolen is a terrible thing to have happen, the situation could be even more dangerous if a student is present when the crime occurs.

The statistics at Cal State San Bernardino are more or less typical of universities throughout the United States. If you have a child heading off to college in the fall, it is worth considering MyForce for their security and your peace of mind. It is far too common for unsavory individuals to take advantage of students when it is dark and they are in a remote part of campus.


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Image courtesy of Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

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