May 28, 2017 – Upland, CA-based security company, Mijac Alarm has just announced they’re offering comprehensive access control solutions to business owners throughout the region. The company’s latest services are designed to help business owners document employee access to their buildings and to gain full control over who accesses their properties and when. It’s the trusted service for outstanding business security in Upland.

Access control technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Now, business owners throughout the country are using access control systems to gain full insight on the events taking place at entryways within their facility. These systems can be used to determine when a security incident took place and to highlight who was in and around the building at that time. It can also be used to highlight employee attendance and promote productivity on-site.

The experts at Mijac Alarm are now offering local businesses full facility security through customized access control solutions.

  • Their team can build access control solutions that provide business owners full control over facility access at the touch of a button from a mobile device.
  • Their systems also allow business owners to create high security zones within their office space, to mitigate instances of theft and to ensure clear reporting for all security incidents within their buildings.
  • The service is also scalable, and can be designed for growing companies to add to their security infrastructure as their business evolves.

Contact their company directly for all your security needs and solutions.

About Mijac Alarm

Mijac Alarm are (is)the trusted solution for the security solutions inUpland. To discover more on the access control solutions offered through Mijac Alarm, contact their team now at (909) 982-7612 or visit (I prefer to make it easier to read when promoting the website)

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