Fire alarms are an absolutely crucial part of any business and undoubtedly required by local building codes.  You need fire alarms – as well as fire alarm monitoring companies – capable of quickly identifying fires and alerting anyone nearby to evacuate the building.  Towards this end, there are a number of different systems and technologies on the market, just depending on your needs and the size of the building(s) being monitored.

These are the four types of alarm that you are likely to see.

Four Common Types of Commercial Alarms Installed by Fire Alarm Monitoring Companies

  • Four-Wire Alarms

The most commonly seen type of fire alarm is called a four-wire alarm, named for the number of wires used to connect it to monitoring circuits.  These are generally the least-expensive alarms and work well in small-to-medium sized businesses.  With these alarms, the building is partitioned into multiple detection zones, with all alarms in each zone going off together if a fire is detected.

  • Two-Wire Alarms

Despite having a simpler design, these are actually somewhat more expensive to purchase than four-wire alarms.  However, this is balanced out by being quicker and easier to install, since they require less electrical wiring.  The main difference in terms of operation is that the ‘grid’ created is simplified, usually with all alarms in a building routing to a single control panel.

  • Analog-Addressable 

These are high-powered and versatile fire alarms, generally intended for large businesses/buildings.  They are not cheap.  The primary benefit is that they provide operators with more precise information.  With four- and two-wire setups, all operators and alarm companies know is that there’s a fire within the specified zone.  When using analog-addressable alarms, each can be monitored independently so a fire can be pinpointed to the exact nearby alarm which was triggered.

  • Wi-Fi Alarms

As with most things, fire alarms are moving towards being smart Internet-connected devices.  Wireless fire alarms are extremely versatile and easy to monitor, without any significant limits on how many are installed.  They are also the easiest to deploy since they simply use your existing online network.  However, as with most modern technology, the alarms themselves are expensive to purchase.

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