Since 1971, Mijac Alarm has been providing the very best in alarm system services to residents of California, Mijac Alarm has grown to be recognized by security industry publications as being among the Top 100 alarm service providers in the nation, with a full range of alarm systems for homes and businesses of all sizes.

However, our business began with residential alarm system services, and our commitment to providing safety and security to homes across the state has never wavered.  

Our thousands of installations over the years have allowed us to offer the best in alarm systems to protect your home and family.

Why Choose Mijac Alarm System Services to Protect Your Property?

  • Custom-designed security plans

We reject the “cookie cutter” one-size-fits-all approach to installing alarm systems and associated services. We continue to work directly with each new customer, one-on-one, to understand their security needs and their home environment. Then we create a custom solution designed to provide all the safety and security they want, in a package they can afford, with equipment they’ll understand how to operate.

This hands-on approach is just one of the reasons we’re among the best home security providers in the country.

  • Easily-understood technology

It’s vital that a security system be hard for bad guys to defeat, while still being easy for homeowners to use. After all, accidental police calls are both embarrassing and expensive, since homeowners usually must pay for false alarms.  We’ll work with you to ensure you and your family understand how the system works.

  • A full range of monitoring services

Do you need around-the-clock monitoring, partial monitoring, or simply a basic line to emergency services? Likewise, do you need your entire perimeter monitored, or only part of it? Part of crafting a custom security plan means understanding these needs, and fitting our services into your budget.

  • More than just intrusion monitoring

When you choose our monitoring plans, we go beyond simply watching for intrusion. We canalso monitor for other threats to your home, including smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide. When you leave your house in our hands, we keep it safe from as many threats as possible.

Mijac Alarm Is Here to Help!

We are committed to bringing you the best possible home security services.  Contact us today for a full home security consultation!

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