Finding the right security company or system can be tough. With so many Upland security options, not to mention newer DYI security systems, it can be difficult to know what to choose. We wanted to help and offer some guidance as to why you should choose a professional Upland security company like Mijac Alarm for protecting your home or business.

Three Reasons to Choose Mijac Alarm

  • Security Experience & Expertise

When looking for the best Upland security provider, you want to ensure that you choose a company with experience. With Mijac Alarm, you get a company that has been providing security solutions since 1971. Regardless of if you need residential security, business security, or enterprise security services, we have the solutions and products to fit your individual needs.

But you don’t have to take out word for it, we’ve been named one of the Top 100 Security Companies in the United States and have countless of amazing customer reviews from satisfied clients.

  • Custom Security Services

As mentioned, we provide a suite of both residential and commercial Upland security services and solutions. Some of the services we offer include:

  • 24/7 security and alarm monitoring
  • Full home automation, fire, and carbon monoxide protection
  • Commercial access control & GPS tracking solutions
  • Security CCTV systems
  • And much more…

Our security services also include full security engineering solutions where our team can work alongside contractors during building construction to ensure security and alarm systems are properly installed and positioned.

Our commercial fire alarm monitoring goes above and beyond, as we not only provide professional installation, but we can also help outline the proper practices and policies in the event of a fire, along with a custom-tailored dispatch process to fit your property.

  • Flexibility

Even if you already have an existing security system, don’t worry, our Upland security monitoring services can work with almost any alarm system. If you have a system but are looking to possibly upgrade, we can even offer three months of coverage for free.

Get the Security Services You Need from Our Team Today

Our Mijac Alarm team is always here to help, no matter the question or concern you may have. To get a free quote on our residential and commercial security solutions, please reach out to us today. Get the Upland Security system and services you deserve!

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