A fire in your home can be a frightening experience. You rely on your insurance company to help you get things back in order. There are times, however, when your fire claim may be turned down by your insurance company. Security systems companies know that when you have someone work on your home or install environmental hazard sensors, the work needs to be done correctly to reduce your risk of loss.

Here the professionals from Mijac Alarm explain how a fire alarm monitoring service can also help to lower your risk. 

Unpermitted Work

One of the biggest reasons for an insurance company turning down a fire claim is that the fire occurred while work was being performed on the home without the necessary permits. If you want your home insurance to cover any type of damage during a renovation, the work must be completed by a licensed professional that can work with your city/county’s building codes.

Possible Fraud

A fire claim may also be denied if you have a prior history of fire loss or have large debts that are forcing you into bankruptcy. If you have recently increased your coverage and the value of your belongings aren’t in line with your income, the investigator may call for an investigation before approving or denying your claim.


If your home is vacant for longer than 30 days with no signs of renovating, your fire claim may be called into question. In some cases, you may only receive a payout for the value of the building itself. Because of the way some policies are written, the amount you receive may not be enough to reconstruct your home to its previous state.

Let Mijac Alarm be your fire alarm monitoring company!

When you are looking for a reputable fire alarm monitoring service, call Mijac Alarm today at (909) 982-7612 or fill out their online contact form! Their knowledgeable staff can offer you sound advice on how to protect your home from a fire-related loss. They can also ensure that your home has enough fire extinguishers and smoke alarms to meet city code requirements.

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