Top 8 Reasons to Get a Home Security System in Upland

Have you been contemplating whether or not you should install a security system for your home? Well, we’re here to tell you that the answer is yes, you should! Getting a home security system is extremely beneficial for many reasons, and will ultimately bring about a greater sense of comfort and peace of mind for you and your family. Here’s why we think all residents in Upland considering security alarm installation should take the plunge and make their homes safer!

  • Crime Deterrent

The most well-known and intuitive use for a home security system is naturally as a crime deterrent. With home security installation that’s attached to an audible alarm system, most potential intruders will be instantly scared away at the first noise of an alarm going off. Additionally, preventive stickers and visible cameras will also act as a major deterrent for anyone considering breaking and entering or vandalism. Additionally, a Rutgers study from 2009 found that the more security systems present in an area, the less likely crimes such as residential robbery are to occur. This means that your installation of a home security system is also working towards making your neighborhood and community a safer and more comfortable place. 

  • Protect Your Valuables

While alarm systems will act as a major deterrent for anyone looking to break and enter, it’s also important to consider that security systems will both enhance safety as well as protect the valuables you have in your home. This includes not just expensive electronic items, but sentimental items like jewelry, antique furniture, or other items which have a deeper meaning and connection. Many people have items in their homes that are irreplaceable, so keep in mind that you’re protecting yourself and your family, along with a lifetime of important things that you want to keep safe in your home. 

  • Remote Monitoring

Depending on the type of system that you install, upgrading your security might also mean the ability to remotely monitor your home. Whether this is through an app on your phone or remote security camera viewing, you can check in on several different things while you’re away. This is definitely handy if you’re out and want to check the status on your smart locks, lights, thermostats, or other smart devices. Additionally, cameras add an extra layer of monitoring so if there are any potential issues or emergencies, you can check in on everything quickly and from a distance.

  • Save on Insurance Fees

Many people think about security systems and automatically view them as a necessary but annoying cost. However, the reality is that having a quality home security system can help you save on monthly home insurance fees. Many plans will allow savings for up to 20% with a home security system, and that’s not even counting the massive amounts of money you’re potentially saving in the face of theft or damages to your home while you’re away. 

  • Emergency Notification & Remote Monitoring

Security installation also means that with the right plan, you can receive instant notification for emergency monitoring of things like smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. Whether notification is routed first through you, or connected to a third-party monitoring call center, you can set up a system to ensure that someone is notified to check in if there are any emergencies. The same is also true for alarms triggered by door or window security breaches. While you will likely have a standard alarm sound that is triggered, your system can also be connected to a remote monitoring company that will call and check in to see if there’s an emergency, and can also link to emergency services if they are needed. 

  • Family Support

Another amazing benefit for security installation is that with many systems, you will be able to support your family members if need be. Whether this is through checking to make sure your door is locked if your children are at home alone or quickly tuning in via camera to check on a sick relative, remote monitoring adds the benefit of making sure that your loved ones are safe and secure at home, even if you’re not around to be with them at that moment. 

  • Energy Saving

Many integrated home security systems also include special features to monitor things like lights and thermostats remotely. This is to ensure you both have the option to turn on and off your lights if you’re away to deter people from realizing you’re out of town. However, the added benefit is that it allows you to check and see whether or not you’ve left the lights on, or forgotten to turn the thermostat up or down. Having this sort of remote control will help you save on your energy bills because you’ll always be able to rectify when you’ve left the lights on or have forgotten to adjust your thermostat before leaving.

  • Improves Overall Comfort

Perhaps the most important benefit of security installation is the overall peace of mind you and your family will receive. Your safety and security in your own home is important and having the extra layer of protection will reduce anxieties for both you and your family. 

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