In California, countless businesses are targeted by criminals every day. From robbery to property damage, inadequate commercial security systems can result in serious losses, a negative company image and expensive damages to your California business.

The team at Mijac Alarm is here to help you secure your business with our top-of-the-line commercial security systems.

Tips for Improving Commercial Security

  • Implement an integrated security system

By working with a security company that offers a range of advanced business security technology, you can create an intricate system that features centralized management in the form of a convenient mobile application. At Mijac Alarm, our technicians are also able to integrate our technology into your existing commercial security system if necessary. A well-thought-out integrated system should include state of the art security cameras, a monitored fire alarm system, burglar alarms, and access control technology.

  • Secure all entry points

While California commercial security systems from reputable companies like Mijac Alarm are often enough to deter criminals, forceful delinquents may still attempt to gain unauthorized access to your business. For this reason, it is always a good idea to physically secure all points of entry including your windows, doors and any other entrances. This can be done by using sturdy materials and adding locks to all of your windows. While remote access control is the most secure option for locking your doors, you may want to add durable deadbolt locks or other mechanisms for further physical security.

  • Keep track of employee activity

With convenient security camera systems, it is easy to check up on your employees from your mobile devices. If you are suspicious of illegal activity within your business, it is important to keep track of the employees that are entering and exiting your commercial building at all times. This can easily be monitored via remote access or automation technology, which allows you to adjust the times that each of your employees are authorized to enter your building. If one of your employees or another individual with an access code attempts to enter your business after hours, you will be notified immediately. With leading California commercial security companies like Mijac Alarm, you can adjust your emergency call list or access codes at any time.

Mijac Alarm Can Help Choose a commercial security company that you can rely on to protect your property and prevent losses. Contact Mijac Alarm today to learn more about our business and enterprise

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