An access control system plays a key role in keeping your business well-protected against criminal activity. An electronic access control system allows you to easily monitor who has access to each room or area in your building – and even when they accessed it. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can control access to each area of your business.

Here are the top three reasons why your business can benefit from using an access control system from a California commercial security company.

1. Protect Valuable Assets

One of the main advantages of an access control system is that it allows you to protect valuable assets and is much more effective than a lock and key system. You can also limit the number of times sensitive areas can be accessed while also creating detailed access reports. All of this information is readily available and makes it easy to monitor activities in the workplace.

2. Validate Timecards

An access control system isn’t only beneficial for security but is also an excellent way to validate the timecards of employees. You can easily compare entrance and exit records to ensure that everything matches up with the timecard. You will never have to worry about employees adding extra hours on the job, which will save you a lot of money and potential stress.

3. Enhance Workplace Safety

A security threat or an emergency can happen at any time in the workplace. However, you can provide your employees with additional safety by installing an access control system. The centralized lock-down control allows you to lock the entire building for safety measures. Remote monitoring also allows you to check-in at any time.

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