Home security systems are designed to function around the clock. Whether you have a self-monitoring system or use a professional alarm system service, regular tests should be performed to certify that the system is doing its job and that each device within the network is functioning as it should.

How Often Should You Test Your System?

The rule of thumb for testing your home alarm system is every three months or every quarter. It’s also important to maintain a current record of when you replace the batteries in each device. To make it simple, go through your entire system and replace old batteries every six months unless specified otherwise in the manufacturer’s guidelines. This ensures each device is functional and ready to go whenever the need arises.

Self-Monitoring Systems

When it comes to self-monitoring systems, it is up to you to check your system. You can do random checks after storms to ensure your Wi-Fi is working. If you have cellular service and the system goes down, you may have to perform a restart to make sure every device reconnects back to the base unit. Follow the directions that came with your system and it will guide you through the process if your system needs to be reset.

Professional Monitoring Systems

Professional alarm system services will often perform a monthly test. You can call at any time to have them perform a status check on your system. Otherwise, the call center will perform the check according to the schedule they have on file. Professional monitoring centers will notify you before a status check is performed and will also let you know if your system needs attention or that everything is working fine.

At Mijac Alarm, professional alarm system services do the work for you. They perform regular status checks on all home security systems they monitor. Testing your system identifies any potential malfunctions and will tell you when your batteries are low. If you have questions about testing your system or are ready to upgrade from a self-monitoring system to a professional alarm system service, contact Mijac Alarm today!

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