A fire alarm system will detect and alert homeowners or businesses that there is a fire. A commercial fire alarm system can identify where the fire has originated, and it can also sometimes identify if there are any internal wiring issues that may compromise its ability to function properly. But fire alarm monitoring services go so much further and protect businesses and buildings in a variety of other ways.

So, our Mijac Alarm team has prepared some reasons you need to get fire monitoring for your business or building.

Why Invest in Fire Alarm Monitoring Company?

The role a fire alarm monitoring services plays is not only letting businesses know about the fire, but also alerting the necessary emergency services like the firefighters and police if needed. With a commercial fire alarm company, you can ensure that your fire alarms are working, and your system is up to date.

You also get…

  • 24/7 Protection

While there are many benefits of choosing a monitoring company, the biggest has to be the fact that your business and/or property is being safeguarded 24/7. In the event of a fire, if your business is empty, you will be notified, and the fire department will be alerted immediately. When dealing with fires, every second counts – especially in cases where there might be staff or individuals that need assistance.

  • Certified Services & Custom Services

At Mijac Alarm, we’re proud that our fire alarm monitoring station is UL Certified. Not only can we provide you with customized dispatch instructions/processes, but our team can also assist in setting up policies and best practices to ensure all safety protocols and measures are accounted for.

And don’t worry, we can monitor almost any system, so we can adapt to your system – so you don’t need to worry about upgrading if you don’t have to.

Mijac Alarm Provides Fire Alarm Monitoring Service & More

We’ve been providing professional security services since 1971. And we not only provide enterprise and commercial monitoring solutions, but we also can cover all of your security needs including alarms, security cameras, access control, and more. For those looking for extra security for their home, our residential security services include home automation and much more.

To learn more about our fire monitoring and security services, please contact our team today.

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