The latest data shows that a large number of California companies have been impacted by the recent wildfires. The 2017 wildfires have caused significant devastation to business owners and families across the state and many are now looking for ways in which to protect their firm and its building for the long-term. Our experts have years of experience integrating commercial fire alarm monitoring solutions. And in this latest post we are highlighting the benefits our systems can bring to your company.

Immediate Connection to Dispatchers

One of the most common causes of extensive damage to businesses in fire events is the large amount of time it takes to contact firefighters to tackle the blaze. Just one minute’s delay can mean the difference between a small amount of interior damage and complete destruction of the business. A commercial fire alarm monitoring solution can help ensure teams are alerted immediately when a fire breaks out on the premises.

Alignment of Staff on Policies and Procedures

Working with a fire alarm monitoring specialist such as Mijac Alarm can help to ensure that all members of staff know how to react in fire events. When the monitoring system alerts staff that a fire has erupted, they have just seconds to react. We know the impact that wildfires have caused in California. For example, in Wine Country alone 23 businesses[i] have been destroyed to date, and many more have been impacted. Getting staff up-to-speed on fire policies and working with monitoring technology can help to eliminate delays in a fire event.

24/7 Responses

A great majority of business fires take place overnight when staff are off the clock. Commercial fire alarm monitoring systems can be automated to send an alert to fire teams when a change in temperature is detected in the facility, helping mitigate the damage to buildings and ensuring that companies are protected throughout the day regardless of whether their building is occupied.

Our trusted team at Mijac Alarm is here to guide you in integrating fire alarm monitoring solutions. To discover more on the options available, call us today!


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