Some people can’t wait for New Year’s Eve to be over. Others love it so much that they would celebrate it twice in one day if they could. For those who fall into the second camp, a company called Private Fly offers the ability to celebrate once in Sydney, Australia, then again (after a 13 hour flight) in Los Angeles. While most of us would never even dream of spending the $14,000 per person it costs for that particular trip, it shows just how big of a holiday New Year’s Eve is for some people.

As 2014 comes to a close, many people are looking forward to a celebration with their friends on New Year’s Eve. Whether you are staying in for a quiet evening or planning a big night out on the town, we encourage you to stay safe as we end 2014 and prepare for a great 2015.

Do your best not to drive (or be driven) late on New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous nights of the year to drive. Most of the danger comes later in the evening, particularly after midnight and after 2am when nightlife begins to close down. Whenever possible, we encourage you to find a place to stay that is at or near the location where you will be enjoying New Year’s Eve celebrations. Minimizing the amount of time you spend driving is the best way to avoid the dangerous roads. Of course, it goes without saying that if you have been drinking, you absolutely should not drive until the morning.

Make sure your pets are in a safe place
If you are a pet owner, one often-overlooked aspect of New Year’s Eve is the impact the night can have on pets, and dogs in particular. Between the noise from loud celebrations and fireworks going off at midnight, New Year’s Eve can be an anxiety-ridden evening for a dog’s keen sense of hearing. Whenever possible, make sure pets are indoors, where they can be safe and can’t run away.

If you’re not celebrating at home, make sure to leave a light on, lock your doors, and set your alarm
The safest place to be on New Year’s Eve is in your own home, either hosting a party or even just enjoying a quiet evening. Of course, many of us have plans that take us away from our homes. In those situations, remember to keep your home protected by leaving a light on by the front door, locking all of your doors and windows, and setting your alarm before you leave for the evening.

Whether you are taking an around-the-world flight or just staying close to home, make sure your New Year’s Eve is a safe one. We look forward to helping keep your family safe in 2015!

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