“How do I improve the safety and security of my home?”

Fortunately every family can increase the safety and security of their home by following a few easy steps:

1. Deterrence

Security experts agree that the #1 deterrent to burglars and intruders is the sight of an alarm box and alarm company sign on the outside of your property.

2. Lighting

The next deterrent is outdoor lighting. Burglars like working in the dark and during winter months it gets dark early. Local police agencies advise home and business owners to adjust outdoor lighting to come on at sunset and not go off until after sunrise. This will limit hiding places on your property and send thieves hunting for an easier target.

These are two simple and effective ways to protect your loved ones, property and business.

For additional information and tips on your home or business security, simply give me a call and I will be glad help you with any question that you might have.

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