As the summer season heats up and temperatures rise, many people’s thoughts have turned to summer vacations with the family, rest, relaxation and a new tan. While the majority of people are thinking about enjoying the heat, criminals are thinking about all of the opportunities that are open for them.

The number of home invasions spikes during July and August, increasing roughly 10 percent. These home invasions and burglaries typically occur in middle-class and wealthy neighborhoods. While the reason for this crime increase is not clear, it could be due to more people being careless with their property, the frequent vacations resulting in unattended homes, or it could have something to do with the large number of young people who are out of school for the summer, and are often left unsupervised without much to occupy them.

Homeowners don’t have to fear their homes being invaded while on vacation if they protect their investment with a wireless alarm system. California security systems are one of the most sound investments a homeowner can make because California has one of the highest rates of home invasion during the peak summer months. Many of these crimes could have been prevented if the homeowner equipped the home with a wireless alarm system.

The reason many homeowners are turning to wireless home defense systems is simple: convenience. These new security systems allow the homeowner to arm and disable their system from their cell phone. The monitoring service can reach the home owner by phone, text, and e-mail instantly, no matter where the homeowner is located. Remote video cameras can be installed in the home so you can view what’s going on anytime – day or night.

All of these features have become more popular as technology has improved and the costs have decreased to the end consumer. This means people shopping for the best California security systems will find the best value for their dollars with the latest technology to protect the home, their property and their family.

Because of the reduced price of the technology used in security systems, the price has dropped on many models. These lower prices mean now is the perfect time to purchase a new home defense system. Homeowners who once felt a new security system was too expensive or out of their budget are finding great deals.

This summer, don’t become another victim of the annual summer crime wave. Secure your property with the latest California security systems. Go out and enjoy your summer vacation with the confidence and peace-of-mind that a wireless alarm system provides your family.​

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