At the beginning of 2014, instead of lackluster resolutions about losing weight that will be broken by mid-month, resolve to make your home safer for your family. The home should be the one safe place that your family can feel like accidents and danger will never happen. Use these tips to keep you and your family safe from accidents, fire and theft.

Keep Children Safe From Accidents

In homes with small children, one obvious safety concern is hazardous material like medications and cleaning products. Those should be out of the child’s grasp at all times behind locked cabinet doors.

There are less obvious things to consider like window guards. There are hundreds of accidents each year from toddlers falling out of windows. Installing window guards in upstairs rooms is important, but make sure each window guard has a quick release for adults to use in case of fire.

Buy furniture padding and child safety locks for door handles and cabinets to keep children safe from harm. The furniture padding can be used on pieces with sharp edges like coffee tables and end tables. Some parents keep their children out of formal living rooms with safety door handles instead.

Fence in a pool area with child safety locks. The gate shouldn’t be accessible to small children at all. Make sure the gate is shut and locked at all times.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide

California fire and safety officials recommend the use of smoke alarms to keep a family safe. The best home security systems have smoke detectors wired straight into the alarm system. Parents can worry about removing everyone from the home while the alarm monitoring company already has rescue workers headed to the home.

Carbon monoxide detectors are essential to home safety, yet less than one-third of homes have one. California fire and safety officials want more people to install monoxide detectors in their homes. This year, buy a monoxide detector to make the home much safer in 2014. Although the monoxide detector should be wired into the best home security systems, it’s more important that one is in use in the home.


Every door should have a sturdy deadbolt. That includes the door from the garage into the home. Burglars can easily slip in through the garage when people are driving in and out of the home. Motion sensor floodlights in the yard can help deter burglars who are trying to creep in undetected.

If you’re away on vacation, make sure the home doesn’t look deserted. Have a neighbor or friend check the home periodically to remove the mail and newspapers. Many burglars are crafty when they are casing a home. They will leave fliers on the door to see how long before it’s removed. Have the friend remove those too.

These are some of the recommended tips for home and family safety that can be implemented this new year. There are many more ideas at Parents Magazine to keep your family safe. There are tips to guard against scalding and falls too.

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