safeguarding-kids-after-school Safeguarding Kids After School Tips for Rancho Cucamonga, California

“Back to school again …” These words mean a lot to parents who want the security of knowing their kids are safe at home after school. How can working parents know if their kids arrived home, are doing their homework and are safe? Mijac Alarm has the answer for working parents: Affordable, easy-to-use home security systems and monitoring units to remotely keep an eye on kids that are at home without adult supervision.

As one of the top 100 alarm companies in the U.S. (SDM Magazine), Mijac Alarm recommends these 8 ways for safeguarding kids after school:

8 tips for safeguarding kids after school

  1. Use a security system with remote monitoring capabilities.

    Incidents happen that may not require police or fire department involvement, but are still important enough for you to know about. Motion sensors are triggered to notify you when your kids get home, the contractor arrives or leaves, and even if the liquor or medicine cabinet is opened.

  2. Avoid using a phone line or the internet to power your system.

    Very often security systems use unreliable telephone lines that can easily be cut, or internet connections that can be switched-off any time. When it comes to safeguarding kids after school, Mijac Alarm recommends security systems that work through a wireless communication platform. By using a wireless security system, a signal can be sent to the security monitoring station more reliably than through traditional methods.

  3. Connect security cameras to your security system.

    In today’s day and age you can use your smart phone or computer to see live video that has been motion-triggered 24 hours a day. By installing security cameras throughout your home with monitoring capabilities, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing exactly what’s going on in your home even when you are not there.

  4. Use schedules and auto-reminders on your alarm system.

    Today’s home security systems alert you when something occurs, and also when something that was supposed to occur, doesn’t. If a child doesn’t arrive home from school on time, you’ll be notified.

  5. Utilize immediate notifications via e-mail or text message.

    It’s important to install a security system that sends real-time e-mail and text message notifications to you about important events in your home so you are always in the know.

  6. Manage multiple users on your alarm system.

    Mijac Alarm recommends using a security system that allows you to set up multiple users, such as the babysitter, cleaning crew, and of course your kids. By assigning key codes to arm and disarm your system you can better monitor these activities.

  7. Demand higher levels of protection.

    Be sure your alarm system offers a sophisticated level of protection. When safeguarding kids after school, make sure that even if an intruder enters your home and quickly destroys the security control panel, a signal will still make it to the security monitoring station for an emergency response.

  8. Regularly review event and activity history.

    It may seem obvious but when it comes to safeguarding kids after school, you need a searchable event history so that you can see any unusual patterns. This feature will also allow you to look back at that history in case of a security breach and pull any information you may want or need to report to authorities. Before installing your security system, be sure it has this feature.

Mijac Alarm can help

Mijac Alarm can help you to safeguard your kids after school. To install a new or upgrade your existing security system, contact your Mijac Alarm Life-Safety Consultant today.

Mijac Alarm – you are protected!

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