Add greater efficiencies to your business with wireless locations services

Real-time tracking of people, processes, vehicles, equipment and goods continues to expand and today, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are great ways to add the latest operations management and logistical criteria to your integrated security specifications.

GPS, RFID and Wi-Fi applications are ready to assist and have become increasingly reliable and accurate. These real-time location systems provide detailed information on assets, people, parts and pieces before, during and after transport. They can provide businesses and warehousing distribution facilities with information on where a driver is, when he will arrive and even what equipment a service provider might need for a job. Wi-Fi connectivity in smartphones now further refines the location of a person or a vehicle with pinpoint accuracy. There are even sensoring shocks that alert if a truck is being driven hard and may jar sensitive electronic equipment. At Mijac Alarm we can help you attain a viable solution to make your business or enterprise more efficient and effective with this robust technology.

Pinpoint accuracy

GPS satellite navigation technology continues to evolve and has the ability to determine ground position and velocity. If you need to locate a person or an asset quickly and accurately, this is the way to go. Asset tracking transmits information or alerts to the central monitoring station or direct to your smartphone (depending on the parameters you select) when freight is inactive for a long period of time, deviates from its route or is traveling at an excessively slow or fast pace. It can also provide alerts on the well-being of the tracking products themselves, such as low battery or other maintenance issues so you can be assured continued uptime. All this information can be communicated via email, text message or through targeted mobile applications.

Mijac Alarm will work with you to custom-design an affordable and valuable solution, whether for home or office. Our robust GPS tracking services help you become more efficient and effective and can be deployed quickly for a host of different users, including enterprise fleet management, emergency response vehicles and school buses or other businesses. You will know where your valuable capital assets and even high-end services equipment are located with instant notifications and alerts sent directly to your smartphone or other connected device. In addition, these services can be fully integrated for comprehensive connectivity with your Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

Greater accountability and better business practices and solutions are easy to obtain with GPS and RFID. Contact Mijac Alarm today for a free consultation on these and other integrated solutions.

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