If you’re interested in protecting your residential, commercial or municipal property and its occupants from the potential dangers of fire and smoke, you should consider hiring a fire alarm monitoring service. To help you understand the advantages of having a team of trained and certified professionals monitoring your home or office day in and day out, Mijac Alarm in Southern California has put together the following list of benefits.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

1. Fast Detection

When you use a fire alarm monitoring service, you’re alerted immediately when there are flames and smoke in your residential or commercial space. While smoke detectors are usually battery operated and only capable of sensing smoke in isolated rooms, a fire alarm monitoring system is capable of detecting these dangers throughout your entire home, triggering an alarm and alerting not only the occupants, but the alarm company and firefighters as well.

2. Less Property Damage

Catching a fire as soon as it happens and alerting the authorities greatly reduces chances of wide scale property damage from smoke or flames. Detectors are placed throughout your entire building, thus increasing the possibility of sensing the presence of fire and ensuring that firefighters arrive at your home or office in no time.

3. Health Protection

The faster you know there is a fire or smoke in your home, the faster you can escape and thus, protect yourself from harm. A house fire can quickly get out of control, posing a threat to you and whoever else may be inside, be it your family, employees, pets, or clients. To protect everyone from severe burns, smoke inhalation and even death, consider installing a fire alarm system and using a monitoring service.

4. Savings

Installing a fire alarm system that relies on a monitoring service could even allow you to qualify for savings on your insurance plan. This is because insurance providers know that with an alarm, there is less of a chance of property damage or health risks, so they may be willing to offer a discount on your plan.

5. Support

Last but not least, a fire alarm monitoring system provides you with an entire web of support, from the technology in your space to the company keeping an eye on your place and local authorities like police and fire departments that can respond quickly to any sign of danger.

Get Professional Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

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