If you’re new to using an alarm system and dealing with alarm monitoring companies, you probably have a thousand questions on how it works and what goes into the process. Well, at Mijac Alarm, all your questions can and will be answered.

Here’s a quick guide from our team on how alarm monitoring works and what to expect. 

How Does the Home Alarm Monitoring Response Work Exactly?

Within the home there is a central alarm panel, often referred to as a hub. Sensors are then placed around the house, typically at varying access points. These points include windows and doors, although depending on your home there may be other sensor points as well.

If one of the sensors are activated, the device sends a signal to the hub. The hub then contacts the alarm company. You may set up a programmed delay when entering the home so you can get to the keypad to disarm the system before the hub sends a signal to our UL Central Station. This entry delay for the security system allows you time so the alarm is not accidentally tripped when making your way to the keypad. This way, you can avoid false alarms (this is also good if you have children who might come in and need time to turn off the alarm, such as after school).

At the Security Company

The notification appears on a Central Station operator’s computer screen. They are then informed, based on the kind of alarm, who to contact and when. This way, they can contact either you or the necessary police or fire department. When contacting you they will find out if there is an emergency. If audio and video sensors are in place they will check in to see if there is an emergency taking place.

If the security team is unable to reach the primary phone number listed on your account, they will then attempt to contact you through secondary numbers. If the alarm is not disarmed and continues to sound they will then notify the police department and a police officer will be dispatched to look into your home’s safety and make sure everything is still okay.

Get the Right Alarm Monitoring Today

These are the basic steps to alarm monitoring companies and how alarm monitoring works. With the security features in place, you’ll live a more comfortable, worry-free life, both at home and at work.

So, if you’re ready to set up a new home security system, are interested in learning more or just have some basic questions, contact Mijac Alarm today.

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