Crash landing on your vacation?

Imagine yourself soaking up some rays on a quiet tropical beach in the Caribbean, listening to the waves crash gently in front of you. While that might not necessarily be everyone’s idea of a relaxing vacation, we can all certainly appreciate the importance of getting away from our everyday lives and unwinding from time to time. The last thing any of us wants is to have that relaxation ruined by the realization that the crashing sound could be happening at our home, broken into while we were away.

The unfortunate reality is that burglaries do happen, especially when we are away from home for an extended period of time. Coupled with the fact that burglaries are more likely to occur during the summer, and there is a particularly high risk of burglary when we leave for a summer vacation.

The good news is that having a Mijac Alarm system installed in your home significantly reduces the risk of burglary, as homes without an alarm system are 300% more likely to be broken into.

What to do Before Leaving for your Vacationpassport-mijac

In addition to arming your Mijac Alarm system before leaving, there are a few steps everyone should take before leaving for their vacation. Scan your important itinerary and travel documents including your passports, credit cards and drivers’ license and email to yourself. In the event you lose the information or get stuck without it, you can print a copy from any available computer terminal.It is also prudent to temporarily stop mail service and newspaper delivery, so that it isn’t obvious to anyone passing by your house that no one is home. You can add to the illusion that your home isn’t vacant by putting a lamp and/or television on a timer.

For homes with a flip up garage door, park a car as close as possible to the door, so it cannot be “jimmied” open. If you want to secure a roll-up garage door, one effective way is to drill a hole through the garage door and the frame of the house, then bolt the two together with a lag bolt or a strong pin. This will prevent the garage door from being forced open from the outside.

Keeping your House Safe While you are Actually Away on VacationGarage door safety

While it can certainly be tempting to post photos of your vacation on social media while still on your trip, it is usually a bad idea to do so.Posting on Facebook or Instagram advertises to hundreds if not thousands of people that you are currently away from your home. Instead of sitting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram all day, you should simply enjoy your vacation; you can post everything to an album upon your return. Not only will your home be safer, but you’ll enjoy your vacation more too!

If it is feasible, have a house sitter stop by your house every day to make sure everything is in order. They can make sure there is no mail building up, no newspapers on the driveway, and can confirm that the alarm is still properly armed. They can also take care of pets and can take the trash cans in and out on the appropriate days. Make sure you ask a close friend or family member to be your house sitter. We strongly suggest you setup a secondary alarm code in your keypad for caretakers that can easily be deleted upon return from vacation.Home Automation

If you take these simple steps, you will have peace of mind during your vacation, and can return home relaxed and refreshed without any unexpected crashes to clean up waiting for you!

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