Arriving home to see that a wall is covered with graffiti or that vandalism has occurred can be heartbreaking and frightening, but there are ways that homeowners who choose to live in urban settings may reduce the chances of damage and harm to the home by vandals.

Graffiti isn’t always ugly, but it’s usually an unwelcome sight on the side of a home. Other types of vandalism are also common in urban areas, but there are some measures a homeowner can take, such as alarm systems and motion detectors, to prevent the likelihood of a broken window, a stolen mailbox, or a wall full of graffiti.

Reduce Attractive Surfaces

Graffiti is meant to be seen and often requires a large canvas. Reducing the available room to vandalize makes it less likely that a can of spray paint will find its way onto the wall. Adding some shrubs to the side of the home, where a long wall sits, may discourage vandalism. For the artistically inclined homeowner, there is also the option to create a mural, which may also keep graffiti artists at bay.

Changing a garage door, wall, or fence to a surface that doesn’t lend itself well to graffiti or spray paint will make it harder for vandals to leave their mark. A staggered fence line isn’t convenient for a graffiti artist who just wants to create a giant spray painted sign. Likewise, a home that has a line of bushes along its side won’t be covered in graffiti unless the vandal decides to spray paint the leaves, which is rather improbable.

Employ Advanced Measures

There are some ingenious ways to deal with graffiti such as utilizing an anti-graffiti film that’s designed to be removed easily after spray-paint has been applied to the surface. This interesting film may be applied to a variety of surfaces like walls, windows, and doors. Another advanced safety measure to consider is a security system that can be monitored from a mobile app or the internet. This functionality is no longer a luxury item for security systems and allows a homeowner to check on the house even when there’s nobody home.

Update the Alarm Systems

An advanced security system is valuable for residents in urban areas. Consulting with alarm companies in California about updated technology like wireless cameras and glass break detectors should make it more difficult for a thief to enter the home unannounced or vandals to strike outside the home. Cameras may be installed almost anywhere today around a home because wireless technology allows much more freedom than the wired cameras of the past.

For families on a tight budget who want to protect the residence, there are a number of budget-friendly alarm systems that help create a barrier between criminals seeking entry into the home and the family inside. One option is the installation of motion sensors on the exterior lights. Illumination is one of a thief’s worst enemies and no burglar or vandal wants to be seen by a giant floodlight while trying to pry open a door.

Vandalism prevention projects should be part of a larger effort by a homeowner to reduce the chances of theft and harm to the family. Reconnect with alarm companies in California to see what innovations have come to the industry and whether those devices might help reduce the chance a family will be victim to theft, vandalism or robbery.​

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