The FBI suggests that a burglary occurs in the United States at least four times a minute, which means that it is essential for all homeowners or apartment dwellers to make a security plan. Every 15 seconds, someone in the country has his or her valued possessions stolen, and catching those responsible or preventing the act from occurring may only happen when there are security measures like alarms and security cameras.

Creating a Web of Protection

Today’s security systems offer protection for the entire home and are also easy to monitor by the security company or the homeowner. Monitoring the system through a modern device like a smartphone or a tablet computer is easy because of the arrival of wireless alarm systems and the internet.

When a family went on vacation in the past, it was up to the neighbors to monitor the home. Today a homeowner can see what’s going on in his home from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection.

Don’t Underestimate the Small Things

Advanced resident home security systems today offer ways to keep every angle of the home safe; however, it’s essential that the simple facets of home security aren’t forgotten. This means things like locks, double-pane glass, and timed lights.

Hefty locks on all the doors, which are always kept locked, are also a great deterrent for thieves. Although a lock won’t keep a particularly determined burglar out of a residence, it will discourage burglars who travel around darkened neighborhoods, to try and find open doors and unlocked windows.

Creative Break-In Protection

There are a number of creative ways to design an effective security system with security companies in Southern California. There are also some anti-burglary solutions that don’t involve technology and can be cost-effective. For example, during lengthy absences, the lawn should still receive a visit from the gardener or the kid down the street who cuts the lawn. An overgrown lawn is a huge draw for burglars.

Additionally, tasking a neighbor with picking up newspapers and even putting out the trash cans on trash day will create the illusion that someone is home. That neighbor can also pick up mail or the United States Postal Service can hold it for several weeks.

Finally, it’s best to keep the garage door closed whether the family is in residence or not. A burglar won’t be able to track work or travel patterns if he can’t see in the garage, to see if the vehicles are gone.

Don’t Forget these Vital Protections

Even if a homeowner only installs a few cameras and a proximity alarm, some type of protection is recommended for all residences; however, when outfitting the entire house with an advanced security system there are a number of areas that shouldn’t be forgotten. One of biggest areas of vulnerability tends to be the garage.

A homeowner might have alarms everywhere and not only forget the garage, but also leave the interior door unlocked due to a false sense of security associated with the garage area. The garage always should be locked and shut unless the family is outside or a family member is working in the space. Additionally, valuables should never be kept in the garage because it’s one of the easiest areas from which to steal.

True home security planning doesn’t stop when the security cameras are activated. Boost home security with resident home security systems and by remaining aware of anti-theft methods at all times.

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