By delving into the numbers behind the story, you can gain a clear picture on how the California wildfires have impacted local business owners across the state. Our team at Mijac Alarm has spoken with many local business leaders and we are now offering guidance on the latest commercial fire alarm monitoring solutions. To help you gain an insight on the sheer scale of the devastation we are highlighting the data on the latest wildfires.

170,000+ Acres Destroyed[i]

It is the equivalent of 12 Manhattan islands or 200 Central Parks. The latest data shows that 170,000+ acres have been destroyed across the state. The fires have impacted natural areas as well as business areas and in many areas of the state the blazes continue to push forward.

42 Deaths

We know that the destruction of property across the state is a small element when you evaluate the human cost. To date, there have been 42 deaths across California as a direct result of the wildfires. The vast majority of the casualties have occurred across Wine Country, with 14 dead in Sonoma County alone.

3rd Deadliest Fire Season in California’s History

With the number of deaths rising continually, it is already the third deadliest fire season in California’s history. It is an event that has many families and business owners considering how to protect their properties in the coming years. We have had many discussions with new clients on commercial fire alarm monitoring solutions in recent days, as a direct result of the devastating fire season in 2017.

3500 Buildings Destroyed

The studies show that 3500 buildings have been destroyed in the wildfires. Business owners are now looking for ways in which to gain proactive responses to potential fire hazards in the area. The latest fire alarm monitoring solutions can help alert firefighters to a blaze the moment it occurs, limiting the potential for extensive damage and improving the level of control business owners retain over their property.

Our team at Mijac Alarm is working with commercial clients across the community to improve their fire alarm monitoring capacity in response to the events of 2017. To discover more on the options available, call our team now.


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