Homeowners Insurance Discount


Homeowners Insurance Discount

With the beginning of 2013, many families are making resolutions for the New Year. With uncertainty in Washington – a barely solved fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling reached, still high unemployment, rising health-care and education cost – one thing at the top of most New Year’s Resolution lists outside of improving our health is reducing what we spend on fixed expenses.

Looking at our monthly budget, one area where Mijac Alarm can help is the reduction of homeowner insurance premiums with your current insurance carrier. Most insurance companies are offering a significant discount (between 5 and 25%) on homeowner insurance premiums when a qualified alarm system is installed.

Save and Be Safe Check-List

  1. What discount does your insurance carrier offer?
  2. Does your system qualify you for a premium discount?
  3. Does the company offer an insurance deductible reimbursement program?
  4. Is the alarm company a franchise, a dealer, a branch office or is it locally owned and managed?
  5. Does the alarm company use a U.L. Central Monitoring Station?
  6. Does the alarm company do a Department of Justice background check on ALL employees?
  7. How does the alarm system transmit the alarm signal to the monitoring station? Telephone lines or wireless network?
  8. Does the alarm company have its own in house service department?
  9. Does the alarm company have a good relationship with the police?
  10. Will the alarm company convert your existing system to their monitoring station at no charge and use your equipment?

Protect Your Family with Mijac Alarm Security

In uncertain times, we are looking to reduce uncertainty. Installing a home alarm system to protect your family and having homeowners insurance to protect the value of your home are two of the most common ways to do so.

Mijac Alarm meets all the criteria outlined above. All you have to do to protect your family and save money is to talk to your insurance company, contact us, schedule an installation for a home alarm system at a convenient time for you, and notify your insurance carrier after the installation is complete.

Or if you are one of our customers, simply contact your Mijac Alarm Life-Safety-Consultant to request an Installation Certificate for your Home-Alarm System.

Mijac Alarm – you are protected

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