Last month, deputies from the Fontana Police Department were called to a home on Rosemary Drive in the late afternoon after a man broke into the home, grabbed a woman by the neck, and threatened to kill her entire family. Although the police did catch the suspect later that day, he managed to escape the home before law enforcement arrived. The fact that the threatened woman already knew the suspect, likely played a part in law enforcement’s ability to capture him. However, if he had been an unknown criminal, it is possible he would have escaped.

It is an unfortunate reality that crime and threats to our well-being and the well-being of our loved ones can happen at any time of day. Even those who are smart enough to have alarm systems don’t always have them armed during the afternoon if they are home. In situations like these, the response time of law enforcement officials can literally be a matter of life and death. If nothing else, it could be the difference between a suspect escaping and being apprehended.

Mijac Proudly Announces Partnership With MyForce

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Mijac Alarm is always interested in working with companies that add value to and complement our existing services. MyForce is a rapidly growing technology company that has been covered extensively in the media. Everyone from Yahoo! News and the San Francisco Chronicle to Fox News and The Boston Globe have reported on the usefulness and effectiveness of MyForce.

MyForce is a downloadable app for smartphones that gives users a direct connection to a central monitoring station. Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is click on the app and tap the large “alert” button. This button will automatically send your real-time GPS location and audio to the MyForce central station. There, they can quickly determine if you are in actual danger and send law enforcement officials to your precise location, even if you are unable to verbally do so yourself.

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Even the most advanced alarm system won’t work when it is disarmed, or if you are not home when danger strikes. The MyForce system works anywhere in the United States with cellular data reception, and is the perfect companion to a Mijac Alarm security system.

MyForce is offering a special discount for Mijac Alarm customers

Thanks to the partnership with MyForce, Mijac Alarm is able to offer our customers a special discount on annual MyForce subscriptions. We hope this discount will make MyForce even more accessible to our customers, and is just one more way we would like to thank our customers for their years of loyalty.

Mijac Alarm has been proudly serving the Inland Empire and Southern California for more than 40 years. In that time, our fire and burglar alarms have undoubtedly saved countless lives and property. By partnering with MyForce, we hope to make our community even safer. Hopefully, break-ins like the one in Fontana will soon be a thing of the past.


For more information about MyForce, and to claim the special discount for Mijac Alarm customers, click here.

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