We don’t often write blogs just to toot our own horn, but in this case, we simply couldn’t resist. After forty-five years in business, Mijac Alarm has been officially recognized by SDM Magazine – the trade journal for the US security industry – as being among the nation’s top one hundred security providers. We’re #94, to be exact, and we couldn’t be any prouder.

With so many alarm monitoring companies around the United States, this is a huge honor, and reflects the dedication Mijac has had over the years to offering the best in security services. We literally began as a garage business, and over the years, we’ve always remained a family-owned and operated company. That’s allowed us to expand, but without ever “going corporate” or losing sight of just how important it is to focus on great outcomes for every customer.

How Mijac Alarm Has Been Able to Grow So Rapidly

We’d like to take all the credit for ourselves, but much of it boils down to the strength of the security industry in general.  

  • Advances in security technology over the years has allowed more and more homes and businesses to implement ever-better security systems, while remaining within reasonable budgets.  
  • By staying on top of the curve, following tech trends, and constantly embracing innovative technologies as they come along, Mijac has been able to continue offering the best security options to all we serve.

A lot of alarm monitoring companies couldn’t keep up with rapid changes in technology, so they fell behind.

In recent years, we’ve been particularly interested (along with many of our clients) in the so-called “Internet of Things” and home/office automation systems. Plenty of people are excited about the possibility of being able to control their home or office from their smartphone, but there are obvious security risks to contend with. We’ve been keeping up on this issue, and we now offer top security solutions that still allow for robust automation systems.

That’s been one of the big factors driving our growth recently, and we consider it a highly exciting field that we want to keep pushing forward!

Get the Best in Home, Office, Or Enterprise Security with Mijac Alarm

Despite how many alarm monitoring companies s are out there, there’s now an even better reason to choose Mijac Alarm. To find out what a Top-100 security company can do for you, just contact us!

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