The question of whether or not crime increases as heat increases has been debated for decades. There have been countless studies with evidence pointing in both directions, and to this day there isn’t any consensus on the issue. However, what is provable is the fact that violent crime increases during the summer months. Whether this increase is due to school being out, increased temperatures, or some other factor is irrelevant. What matters most is acknowledging that the increase in crime is real.

Mijac Alarm is committed to helping keep you and your family safe and secure. Our fire, burglar, and surveillance cameras help do exactly that. However, even with the best alarm system in the world, staying safe means taking responsibility for your own personal security. In order to help keep you and your family safe this summer, we are offering a personal security guide for some common situations you may find yourself in this summer.


Home alone for the day

According to the FBI, about two-thirds of residential burglaries take place during the day. Fortunately for those who have Mijac Alarm and work during the day, if you arm your system, police will quickly be dispatched in the event of a burglary and there will be no one for the burglar to hurt.

Even though most of us set our alarms before going to sleep at night, we forget we can choose to set them during the day as well, especially when we are home alone.

Watching TV on a Sunday afternoon in the family room all by yourself?  Getting ready to take your shower after your husband leaves for work?   By setting the alarm during the day, you will be alerted to the break-in, and the burglar will be scared off.

Just remember to turn off your motion sensors when you set your alarm while in the house!


Going out at night

Whether you are going out to a restaurant with friends or just catching up on errands, the warm Southern California summer evenings that we all know and love are great for getting a few extra useful hours out of the day.

When going out, try to do so with at least one other person. Criminals often target men and women who are alone, as this reduces the chance that the burglar will be overwhelmed or caught by surprise. If you have to go out alone, try to stay in well-lit areas that have other people around, and try to park as close to your destination as possible. Even if you are out to have fun, do your best to look alert and present yourself as if you know where you are going at all times.  Confidence is key to off-putting many would be attackers.


Image courtesy of Dand8282 via Wikimedia Commons

Vacationing away from home

With school out for the summer, many families are planning to take trips outside of Southern California. While traveling can be a lot of fun, it can be hard to know which parts of a new city are safe. One great way to keep you and your family secure while away from home is with the MyForce smartphone app (in case you missed our previous articles, we discussed MyForce in detail here and here). MyForce can help ensure that you and your family stay safe, even when you’re away from home. With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to secure your family from any increase in summer crime.

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Written by Ian Eckstein and Steve Sopkin

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