Meet Steve Smith

There are certain types of people you just know you want on your side. Men and women who exude loyalty, bravery, and a willingness to be part of a team are few and far between. Fortunately for us, one such man has been on Mijac’s team for more than three decades.

Steve Smith is a Marine — literally. In 1975 he joined the United States Marine Corps, and in 1981 Steve also spent a year serving in the National Guard. That mindset has stuck with him over the years, and has served him well with both his personal life as well as his professional life.

Steve Smith is the type of person you want on your team. He is has been a loyal Mijac employee for 33 years, and since 1983 he has helped literally thousands of Mijac customers feel safe and secure in their homes.

Steve loves spending time with his family, and and gardening around the house. When he has time, Steve loves going snorkeling as well.

Steve already had experience in the alarm industry before finding his way to Mijac Alarm. Before joining the Mijac family, Steve Smith worked for a company called Computerline, where he learned about the alarm industry and become one of their top installers. Unfortunately for Computerline (but fortunately for Mijac!), Computerline ultimately went out of business, and one of Steve’s coworkers, Jack, got a job at Mijac Alarm.

About six months later, Mijac was looking to hire, and Jack had the perfect person! Jack let Steve know about the job opportunity, and got him an interview with Mijac Alarm’s president, Steve Sopkin. By the end of that first interview, Mr. Sopkin was convinced that Steve Smith was the perfect fit for Mijac Alarm, and hired him on the spot.

Steve Smith’s Role in the Mijac Alarm family

It didn’t take long for Steve to fit in at Mijac Alarm, and after just a couple of years working at the company, he felt like he was part of the family. Steve remembers going to the company Halloween Party in 1985, which took place at Mitzi and Jacques home. While at the party, Steve remembers Mitzi, Jacques, and their son Steve Sopkin who now runs the company going out of their way to spend time with him and make him feel welcome. That memory stuck with him, and it’s a large part of the reason why Steve has felt such loyalty to the company over all these years.

That sense of belonging isn’t only limited to the Mijac family. Steve Smith feels a strong sense of camaraderie with the other guys and girls in the office. He likes that they always have each other’s backs, and look out for one another in good times and bad. Steve loves the fact that he has been able to find something at work that so many have difficulty finding in their lives at all: a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Steve Smith’s presence at Mijac Alarm has been beneficial not only to him, but to his coworkers, and most importantly, to Mijac’s customers, who have benefitted from his integrity, expertise, and more than three decades of experience.

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