Meet Mike O’Neill

Do you ever wish you could go to work with one of your childhood friends? You could say that Mike O’Neill has been a part of the Mijac family before the company was even born.

Mike moved to the United States from Canada when he was only 10 years old. It just so happened that he moved into the same apartment complex as the owners of what eventually became Mijac Alarm, and he and the owners son quickly became friends. That friendship only strengthened when the two of them attended Baldy View Elementary in Upland together. Although they spent their childhood as good friends, they eventually drifted apart when Steve went to Upland High School and Mike went to Damien High. It wasn’t until years later that he and Steve would reconnect.

Mike can sometimes appear to have a tough exterior. However, those that know him tell a very different story – of a man who genuinely cares about the people he works with, and that his clients are protected to the best of his ability.

Mike’s Life Before Mijac

Mike’s career before Mijac is not necessarily what you might expect from a Senior Sales Manager at a family-owned alarm company. After graduating from high school, Mike went to work in the investment industry as a commodities trader. Although Mike enjoyed the lifestyle and energy of the industry at first, he eventually found it to be tiresome and longed for a company that was similar to the small janitorial company his father owned when he was younger.

Reconnecting with the Sopkins, and starting at Mijac Alarm

Nearly 20 years after last seeing Steve, Mike drove past the Mijac Alarm office and decided to go in and say hello. After giving a big hug to Mitzi and Jacques (that is where the name Mijac came from, a combination of the owners first names), Mike and Steve had the opportunity to catch up on the last 20 years. By the end of the conversation, Mike was offered a job in the Sales Department at Mijac.

Mike quickly became a leader both within the company as well as the community. Within Mijac, Mike’s perspective was often relied upon for his big picture perspective. Mike always considers the long-term best interests of the company before making a determination about potential business decisions. At the same time, Mike’s rapport with leaders in the community, as well as many of the contractors and sub-contractors, has allowed Mike to play a significant role in the financial health of Mijac.

Mike’s Contribution to the Mijac Family

Mike has watched firsthand as Steve has taken the company his parents gave him to run, and expanded to a company with more than 10,000 installed alarms to its name. If you ask Mike, he will tell you about how strongly he believes in Steve’s leadership over the past 25 years. Mike will also tell you that one of Mijac’s most important competitive advantages is the loyalty and sense of family that is shared among the employees. For those who have been at Mijac for 25 years or longer (as Mike has), that bond is particularly strong, and they have helped foster that sense among the newer members of the Mijac family.

Mike has also established a strong relationship throughout the Inland Empire. His big picture, realist perspective is appreciated and valued during the meetings and conversations he is a part of with school district superintendents and city managers, and is one of the reasons that Mijac Alarm currently provides security for more than 10 different cities and school districts. Not only that, but Mike’s longstanding relationship with the City of Claremont was a significant factor in Mijac’s new relationship with the City of Indio, where we now are responsible for security in many of their civic buildings, including City Hall and the Senior Center.

Few people exemplify the sense of family that Mijac Alarm values better than Mike O’Neill. We have been fortunate to have him as part of Mijac for the past 26 years, and are proud to consider him part of the family.


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