Just One Little Device

Provides a whole lot of security 

That cute little device in the corner of your room or above the door? It is a powerful product that is at the core of better security for you and your family.

Intrusion and motion detectors are key technologies that detect intruders when you are away. They send a signal to your control panel, which initiates an alarm and a text message or visual alert to your smartphone, depending on how your system is configured. There are special configurations for dogs and cats, known as pet alleys that take care of any potential problems when your best friends are moving around while you are gone.

Intrusion detectors are slim, powerful and good-looking devices that definitely have brains behind the beauty! They are extremely robust and reliable and include advanced signal processing and virtual detection pathways (aka pet alleys) that prevent false triggering from environmental or non-alarm occurrences. There are both indoor and outdoor form factors, as well as wireless and hardwired products.

Cyber protection

And in case you have read reports about bad guys trying to get to your alarm system by jamming the communications of these detectors, do not worry! We use only the latest and proven products that safeguard signals by encrypting communications and include anti-jamming technologies. So you do not have to be concerned about cyber-attacks and system compromise. Once you are protected, you stay that way.

Of course, a full-featured, total security solution is what Mijac Alarm provides and what you will get, because even these devices integrate readily with surveillance cameras and home automation so it’s turnkey, convenient and a great experience as always.

We are here to cover all your security needs for your home or office.

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