Protecting your home or business should be one of your highest priorities. Having an alarm system service in place that is supported by an award-winning monitoring team ensures that your property is protected 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year. Their goal is to ensure that emergency responders can get to your location and resolve any issues before you sustain any type of financial loss.

Self-Monitoring vs. Professional Alarm System Services

With some alarm systems, you have the ability to monitor your system on your own. That’s great, but what about times when you are unable to take care of business? Professional alarm system services that offer 24-hour monitoring can identify a potential problem and notify the authorities in less than a minutes’ time. This means emergency responders are on the way and can resolve your situation before it gets out of hand.

Loss Prevention

When a professional monitoring service is in place, the risk of loss is dramatically reduced. Smoke alarms and video cameras can identify possible hazards almost immediately, giving your home or business the protection it needs. As soon as an alert is triggered or something is detected on video, first responders are immediately dispatched to the area, reducing your risk of loss and protecting your financial investment.

Safety First Saves Lives

Professional monitoring services also save lives. By putting safety first, environmental hazard protectors can detect unsafe carbon monoxide levels inside your home or business. Sensors can detect if a window or door has been left unlocked and can provide video surveillance that you can watch through an app on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to see your pets or your teens if they are left at home alone.

Mijac Alarm offers alarm system services that include 24-hour professional monitoring. Because they are always on the job, you can rest assured that if an emergency occurs, they will have first responders dispatched to your home or business in a matter of minutes. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with their team of highly-trained technicians and make sure you have the protection you need!

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