Man’s best friend has long served as a built-in security system. Dogs protect their territory and members of the “pack” through barks, growls and even more vicious ways. Your home’s insurance policy may offer a slight reduction in cost if you have a guard dog pet. However, even with your furry friend, should you be considering burglar alarm companies such as Mijac Alarm? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Improved Reliability

Dogs are great at detecting sounds that aren’t normal by barking and letting you know if something just doesn’t seem right. Perhaps they only bark if something happens outside the front door (and the pet is awake). They might not know if there is someone outside the bedroom window or sneaking around the property. Burglar alarm companies can help with this and boost your security factor. Dogs are great, but alarm systems are better.

  • Do Dogs Keep People Out?

Perhaps.  Dogs detect and loudly report just like an alarm system. If someone knows a dog is at home, they may stay clear.  If the intruder still wants to break in, the dog can detect and bark, but can your dog activate a security alert to your smartphone or the police?

Obvious answer, right?

So again, security systems are better for this. Plus, if a criminal really wants to get into a home that has a dog, they might just bring some tasty food or treats laced with a sleeping pill or worse (both of which our clients have experienced at some point).

  • It’s an Upgrade, Not a Replacement

Dogs are great at protecting you, both inside and when you’re out for a walk. There is no replacing what a dog can do for you and how they can assist in your home security system. However, alarm systems just go the extra mile in defending your home or business.

Trust Our Mijac Burglar Alarm System & Company

There’s nothing like the companion a dog can give. However, there’s also nothing like the security provided by burglar alarm companies. Having a dog is nice, but your little buddy does not provide you with the same level of protection and monitoring potential as burglar alarm companies provide. So, if you want to take your security capabilities to the next level, contact the professionals at Mijac Alarm today.

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