Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that turned your smartphone into a fire extinguisher? Instead of running around trying to find one, you could just reach into your pocket and put out a fire before it spread. Unfortunately, hardware engineers still haven’t found a way to bend the laws of physics to make this happen. However, there is an app that does the next best thing.

Over the past few weeks we have discussed some common fire hazards, and the tools used to safeguard against fires. Our last entry on this topic will discuss how the smartphone app MyForce can serve as a high-tech way to protect your business and your employees from fire hazards.

A few months ago, Mijac Alarm announced our partnership with MyForce. We believe they offer an innovative way to leverage the smartphone in our pockets and make us safer. If you missed our article explaining what MyForce is, you can read it by clicking here.

As a way to round out our series of fire safety articles, here are three ways that MyForce can help protect your business from fire hazards.

A fire alarm in everyone’s pocket

Even if you have a state-of-the-art fire alarm and sprinkler system in your office, there is always room for a backup system. What if the system is being tested and temporarily offline? What if the fire starts in an area that it can’t be detected? What if one of your employees sees a fire, but in a panic forgets where the fire alarm panel is?
There are a multitude of ways that having a fire alarm in the pocket of your employees could be both property-saving and life-saving. With MyForce, everyone with a smartphone can have instant access to emergency services; even if everything else goes wrong.

Keep employees safe in the field

If you have employees in the field, you can make both them and your customers more secure by sending them out with smartphones that have MyForce installed. This is particularly useful for those who work with any type of electrical or mechanical equipment, but everyone can benefit from having access to emergency services anytime they are needed in the field.

An extra perk for employees when they are at home

Even though a subscription of MyForce for your employees is primarily a way to safeguard your business, the benefits extend to your employee’s homes as well. Since MyForce is offered at one flat rate, there is no reason why your employees can’t enjoy the benefits of on-call emergency services when they are at home, or even when they are on vacation. This added perk comes at no additional cost to you, and will certainly be appreciated by your employees.

Until the engineers at Apple or Google come up with a way to put out fires directly from out phones, keep your employees and your business protected with MyForce.

For more information about MyForce, including the special rate negotiated for Mijac Alarm customers, click here. To learn more about fire security, please call Mijac Alarm during regular business hours at (909)982-7612, or visit our main website by clicking here.

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