Increasing security in your business is the best way to prevent property damage, losses, and threats to personal safety. A business that appears to have effective security systems in place is also far more likely to attract customers even in areas with a high crime rate as well as late at night.

If you are looking for a reputable business security service, Mijac Alarm has been protecting California businesses for over 45 years. Our team has explained a few great ways that business owners can increase their security with our alarm system services.

Tips for Increasing Safety with an Alarm Monitoring Service

  • 24/7 Active alarm monitoring

The sound of an alarm is often not enough to ward off criminals and motivate passersby to contact the authorities. Business owners can ensure greater peace of mind with an alarm system that is monitored by dependable security service providers at all times. The professionals at Mijac Alarm will be contacted immediately if an alarm is triggered on your commercial property, and we will happily adjust your emergency call list for you at any time as necessary.

  • Detect intrusion at all entry points

With reputable business security services offering advanced alarm technology, you will be immediately notified of any sign of intrusion. Many businesses implement security cameras as their primary security mechanism, however, cameras may not be able to capture a criminal entering your business at an unusual entry point. Monitored alarm systems offer sensors that will pick up on any sign of movement on your property.

  • Pair your alarm system with remote access control

At Mijac Alarm, we have been recognized as one of the top business security service providers in the United States due to our extensive knowledge of security systems, and how to integrate new technology into existing systems. A great way to monitor those entering and exiting your business at all times is through remote access control technology. We offer some of the most advanced access control systems, allowing business owners to customize employee access, limit entry during certain hours and receive notifications whenever someone enters the building. One of the great benefits of these systems is that business owners can see what’s going on in their business and notify their alarm company if there is a false alarm.

Mijac Alarm Has Your Business Security Needs Covered

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