Fire alarms can break or become less effective over time, which is why security specialists recommend replacing these devices every ten years. However, with fire alarm monitoring services, the reliability of your fire alarm system goes far beyond the devices themselves.

To learn more about the durability of fire alarms and how to identify a reliable monitoring service, continue reading a few important tips from the experts at Mijac Alarm.

Tips for Finding Durable and Reliable Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

1. Professional installation and inspection

To ensure optimal performance and reliability, a monitored fire alarm system should be installed by a professional. Technicians will inspect all of your smoke sensors and thoroughly explain how to use your control panel in case of an emergency. Business and residential property owners should also seek out a company that provides ample customer support resources in the event that you need to change your call list, adjust your security code or discuss city permits.

2. Check for certification

In an emergency, a quick response time and the ability to rely on your alarm monitoring company are of the utmost importance. A reputable fire alarm monitoring company should be UL certified and offer 24/7 support for emergencies.

3. Pair fire alarms with other technology

Whether a fire is caused by a gas leak or a criminal attack, it is important to have as many safety and security systems in place as possible. This may include security cameras, burglar alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors, which could indicate a fire emergency and allow you to contact first responders before any serious damage is done to your property.

4. Read customer reviews

A reliable fire alarm monitoring service should provide access to real customer reviews that the company has received over the years. At Mijac Alarm, we have nearly 50 years of experience protecting homes, businesses, and enterprises in the state of California. Prospective customers can read in-depth reviews from the many satisfied customers that we have worked with over the years and gain a full understanding of our services.

Mijac Alarm Can Help

At Mijac Alarm, our experienced technicians provide convenient installation services to make your fire alarm implementation easy. We are committed to protecting you and the occupants of your building with advanced technology and 24/7 fire alarm monitoring. Contact us today to request a quote on our fire alarm services.

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