The use of GPS tracking technology has risen in recent years as the technology becomes easier to work with and more affordable. This means that many retail customers are now using GPS tracking solutions for their own purposes. If you are going through a legal issue with another party, you may be being tracked via GPS tracking solutions.

In this latest post, we look at the signs that a tracking product has been placed in your vehicle.

Look for changes to the metal areas of the vehicle

Oftentimes tracking solutions are placed within metal areas outside the vehicle, including in the exhaust and in the engine. Make sure that you check these areas carefully if you suspect that you’re being tracked. Look for components that are slightly different in color to the rest of the area.

Search in your trunk and trunk lining

If someone has access to the interior of your vehicle, they will most likely place a tracking solution on the inside of your trunk, so it is important to search throughout the trunk space with your hands to find areas that have been altered. You might also feel the trunk lining to look for small spaces in which the stitching has been disturbed.

Take the car to a mechanic

If you believe that there is a tracking component in your vehicle, consider taking the car to the mechanic to have the entire system reviewed. The mechanic can use sensor technology to determine if any changes have been made and can help you find any tracking devices quickly.

Speak with a tracking specialist

If you would like to know more about GPS tracking solutions and the value they can bring to home and business users, it is important that you consult with a specialist. Our team at Mijac Alarm can help explain what you should search for if you believe that your movements are being tracked with GPS tracking technology. We can also help outline the many benefits that GPS tracking solutions can provide both home and business users. To learn more about the technology and its benefits, call us today.

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