One of the first questions security systems companies ask their clients is “What industry are you in?” Every industry has different needs when it comes to security. Some require a multi-layered security system that involves video surveillance, an alarm system, and access control that secures all entrances and exits. A good security company will know what questions to ask and how to formulate the perfect security system for your business.

Know Your Business’ Needs

Each industry has unique security needs, just like a small business may have a lower security risk than a large corporation. When you first start your company, it’s up to you to know what types of security will be most beneficial for your company and protecting your investment. Security systems companies should learn about your business and its location to create the perfect security system to protect your assets as well as your employees.

Hospitality Services

Businesses that specialize in hospitality services include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and any type of company that offer a service. Surveillance cameras and door alarms are the most commonly used security devices used to protect this type of business.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies often have security system companies secure listed properties with security alarms to minimize the risk of break-ins and vandalism to vacant properties. They may also put special locks on properties that are still occupied.


Industrial and manufacturing facilities may require security on a much larger scale. This includes video surveillance, timed locking mechanisms, foot patrols, and security guards at each entrance/exit.


Retail businesses are similar to industrial complexes if they are large enough, requiring the same types of security protocols. A smaller retail business may be able to get by with alarms on the entrances and exits and a good video surveillance system that is monitored by a third-party security service.

Trust Our Security Systems Company Team

When you need to put in a quality security system for your business, call our professional staff at Mijac Alarm. We have the knowledge and expertise to create a security system for your company, no matter what it is. Call us today to learn more about our solutions.

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