It would be nice if everyone could afford to hire private security to patrol their homes, but for 99% of people, that’s just not an option.  Fortunately, burglar alarm companies offer the next best thing: high-tech security systems, monitored 24/7 by trained experts.

Some might think that burglar alarms are somehow an old-fashioned solution, or that they don’t work anymore.  However, that’s just not the case.  Alarm systems are still one of the best possible options for protecting your home, your property, and your family.

Yes, Burglar Alarms Still Work!  Here’s How.

  • Deterrent factor

When your home is protected by burglar alarm companies, they always put big signs around the house notifying passers-by that there’s an alarm in place.  Often, this by itself prevents crime by acting as a deterrent.  If a would-be thief thinks you have an alarm, chances are they’ll simply look for another less-protected house to burgle.

  • Audible alarms

Of course, should a burglar ignore the warning and trip off the alarm system, that’s exactly what they get: an alarm!  This tells them that they have been spotted, and the police will be showing up in short order.  Many will flee without taking anything, to avoid the risk of being caught.

  • Instant response from security experts

Your alarm system will be monitored 24/7 by security experts who know how to respond quickly to any signs of intrusion.  Within a matter of moments, police will be alerted, and they’ll be sent to your home.  If the thief is dumb enough to hang around, he will probably be caught.

  • Admissible evidence 

Of course, catching the criminal isn’t the whole story – they also need to be tried and convicted!  The data gathered by burglar alarm companies is admissible in court and can potentially contain both audio and video recordings.  That means another thief in jail, and your neighborhood is that much safer.

  • Additional monitoring

Finally, keep in mind that some burglar alarms monitor for more than just intrusion.  Many also incorporate smoke detectors, water detectors, or more – and all of them are being monitored.  That’s additional protection, to help guarantee your home is completely safe.

Mijac Alarm Is Trusted Across the Country

Mijac Alarm is recognized as one of the top 100 security companies in the country – that means extra protection for you!  Contact us today for a full consultation.


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